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PLEASE NOTE that since 2004, I have specialized in coaching women writers. I help women create and complete their books and projects.

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Life Coaching Can Help You Succeed

Let me guess... Your life's been pretty good so far, but deep down, you know there's more out there. You've accomplished important things, but now you're feeling a little stuck. The vision you had for your life and creativity hasn't really materialized. You're at a crossroad.

You value yourself, and you're ready for even more fun, meaning, and success with your art. You'd like someone to help you stay on track—a "thinking partner" who honors your goals and values...a supportive collaborator who can help you upgrade your ally who'll encourage you to explore and achieve your dreams.

If that description fits you, you're ready for life coaching!

What is life coaching?

Professional life coaching is a powerful, motivating partnership. It focuses on your vision, goals, and desires, and how you can accomplish them.

When was the last time you had someone focus entirely on you to help you get where you want to go?

Life coaching builds on a person-to-person connection. As your coach, I'm a listener, a cheering buddy, and a supportive partner. We brainstorm and uncover your joys and natural strengths. We seek out options and new paths for your life. Our powerful conversations clarify your goals and help you reach them. By your request, I'll hold you accountable about your progress and help keep you on track.

An important tenet of personal coaching is that the client is naturally creative and resourceful—and that inside, you already have the answers. Through our powerful conversations, you'll spot those answers. You'll know what's right for your life.

My clients are already whole and complete. They've accepted their pasts and focus on their present and future. They take responsibility for their choices and want to benefit from the synergy and motivation of a coaching relationship. They're highly functioning individuals who choose to work with a life coach to accelerate their goals and dreams.

I want my clients to be themselves—but more so. I help them break through limitations to become even more alive than they are now. Life coaching helps clients go from functional to exceptional!

Success resides within each of us. It's a form of magic that emerges when we open ourselves to it, and change wishing into DOING.

I want you to succeed.


My role as a life coach is to:

  • support and encourage you
  • listen
  • help you explore your life, wishes, and dreams
  • ask direct and powerful questions
  • tell the truth
  • brainstorm, suggest
  • acknowledge, motivate
  • help you identify, clarify, and honor your values
  • accelerate your turning points
  • provide a fresh perspective
  • work with you to catalyze your solutions
  • help you plan, strategize, and set goals
  • provide accountability
  • trust you to make your own decisions

Your role as a life coaching client is to:

  • show up
  • bring an issue to work on
  • tell the truth
  • think, hear and feel
  • consider options
  • listen to your mind and heart
  • make choices
  • be willing to step outside your comfort zone
  • take action
  • accept responsibility for your feelings, decisions and actions
  • work toward your dreams and an extraordinary, deeply fulfilling life

What a life coach does NOT do:

  • judge
  • fix
  • diagnose or treat
  • make decisions for you
  • solve your problems for you

Your choices and decisions are always yours—but together, we'll find options and pathways you might not have noticed otherwise.


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In a very real sense,
we are the authors of our own lives.
-Mandy Aftel




The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
-Marcel Proust





Within our dreams and aspirations
we find our opportunities.
-Sue Atchley Ebaugh





All you have to do to diminish your fear
is to develop more trust in your ability
to handle whatever comes your way.
-Susan Jeffers





You have the power
in the present moment
to change limiting beliefs
and consciously plant the seeds
for the future of your choosing.
As you change your mind,
you change your experience.
-Serge Kahili King